Italy - Among Fair Ground Workers at Luna Park in Rome with Pope Francis


For over 50 years the little sisters
  have maintained a presence among
  fair ground workers in Rome, living
  and working among them. 
     In 2015 they had the immense joy
  to welcome Pope Francis to their
  trailer and introduce him to their
  friends.  He had known the little
  sisters in Argentina...               

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                                     In the Philippines

  In 2013, responding to an invitation to make known the spirit
  of our Community, two little sisters went to meet some young
  people and families in the Diocese of Masbate in the central
  Philippines. The bishop, a member of the Jesus-Caritas fraternity
  of priests, and one former little sister, welcomed us, and
  wholeheartedly supported our month-long stay in this
  unknown and unfamiliar part of the country.

  Strategically located at the center of the Philippine archipelago,
  this beautiful island-diocese gives access to the other major
  islands of the country. In the past, it seems that Spanish galleons
  used to stop here for rest and repair! Faith is open and vibrant among the inhabitants, including the young people.
  They readily invited us to stay with them. We eventually realized that there are four major languages spoken among the people
  in the province. But we also observed that there is a lot of flexibility and interaction among them; any newcomer can easily join in.
                                                                       So, the following year two of us went back and stayed longer. This time, some young people
                                                                       started to be interested in our life and spirituality. Like Brother Charles, we felt drawn by this "new
                                                                       door” opening before us… As he grappled with the lure of going to Tamanrasset—of “going
                                                                       south”—we also entertained the call of living Nazareth among a new group of people, with a
                                                                       different rhythm and reality. But would we leave the Metropolis, our “Beni Abbes” in Diliman?
                                                                       Would we leave a people and insertion so dear to us, and take this direction? Our numbers are very
                                                                       limited. Why take this turn? Embracing our inner turmoil, discerning with our very supportive
                                                                       Bishop in the Diocese of Novaliches, and guided by our sisters in the General Council, we felt that
                                                                       the Spirit was leading us toward this new horizon and adventure with Jesus, our beloved brother
                                                                       and Lord. Life begins again after we turn forty in the Philippines! By October, we hope to be
                                                                       there…! Please accompany us with your prayer…
                                                                            “The one who lives by faith has the soul full of new thoughts, new tastes, new judgments; new
                                                                             horizons open before him (…) he necessarily begins a new life, opposed to the ways of the
                                                                             world, which may seem like folly (…) the bright path upon which he walks is not visible to
                                     - Charles de Foucauld, Journey to Tamanrasset, p.269
 Stepping into a new life in Masbate

n 2012 we began a community in Cambodia, a country where we had not been
  present before.  We started in "the village of peace," among families affected by
  AIDS, in Chomkarcheang, in Takeo Province.  Our first priority was to learn the
  language of the Khmer and to allow friendships with them to grow. 

  In 2014, after two years, we decided to move
  to Phnom Penh, the capital, where there are
  many factory workers who live in difficult
  conditions. Our desire is to live and work in
  solidarity among them, sharing all that
  makes up their life, trying to be a presence
  to them and carrying their lives and struggles
  in our prayer.
News Tidbits
                                      Hiking in Lebanon

    We took a two day hike with a group of young women who 
    wanted to pilgrimage with Brother Charles.  For two days, we
    walked in silence in the beautiful mountainous region of
    Keserouan.  We stopped every hour, taking the time at each
    “station” to listen to the Word of God, a short meditation, and
    a text of Brother Charles or little sister Magdeleine.  After
    exchanging thoughts, we would then leave again with a
    question to meditate on until the next station. The first day
    ended with a prayer and singing around the fire.   Before the
    closing Mass, each one expressed what she wanted to hold onto
    from this time together.  

    We were struck to hear how
    much the meditation on
    the Word of God and the
    sharing at each step along
    the way helped the
    participants and gave them
    the strength to continue