Little Sisters of Jesus

Contemplative life in the Heart of the World


Each one of us was called from the different places where we had been living to follow Jesus as women of prayer.  All of us were drawn to a way of living that did not separate us from others.  We wanted to be close to people and to enter into their way of living, often so different from where we started from.  We have everything to learn from those who become our friends and neighbors.  It takes our whole lives.

We believe that a truly contemplative life can be lived in the midst of the ordinary life of people around the world, simply sharing their day to day life, living conditions, work and dreams.
This is what Jesus did when he lived at Nazareth.

Our prayer is formed by this life.  Friendships grow with neighbors and co-workers, and together we look for the face of God in the midst of the joys and struggles that arise. This is where we ground our life of contemplation.